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"When I was a medical student, I met a nurse and was definitely smitten."
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"At that moment, I made a promise that if my child and I survived this traumatic birth experience, we would go see Zoo Lights every year to celebrate."
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"The Denver Zoo had impacted my life by being able to share my education of animals with my son. Being able to take him to the zoo and seeing the animals in person is a great experience."


"My childhood visits helped instill my lifelong deep love and compassion for animals."
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"I enjoy taking my children to the Zoo to explore and learn and create new memories!"
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"Klondike and Snow... introduced me to the concept of conservation, and I have been determined to help the species ever since."
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"I turned back around to face the camera, and my boyfriend was on one knee!"
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"With each visit, I felt like I was developing a spiritual friendship with all the animals I loved. It’s like they speak to me on a subconscious level."
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Shannon & Zander

"I have so many wonderful memories with my son from those visits."
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"I like coming here to see all the animals and learn about them!"


"Being a Zoo volunteer helped me find purpose during a time when I was struggling to love myself."
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"It was there by the fence that my boyfriend got down on one knee with a ring, and proposed!"
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"I went to see the monkeys, and one had a blanket. It was covering its face. And then another one got jealous and tried to steal the blanket! And they were basically playing hide and go seek! It was pretty funny."

Rebecca, Guion, & Rae

"I often find myself watching in awe, and marveling at their beautiful and majestic qualities."
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"Denver Zoo is our monthly family day—my wife and I our hoping to renew our vows there next year! My favorite Denver Zoo memory happened in 2015. My daughter, Delfinia, was taking a picture with two lions, Sabi and Sango. I told her to smile, and the lion behind her also smiled!"


"I felt compelled to help the zoo as it's such a special place and inspired my work so much."
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"Being with my mom at the Zoo, especially towards the end of her life, and being able to take my kids and my mom on the same trip was magical!"
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"My mom and I have a tradition of going to the zoo for Mother's Day. Now that I'm a mom, we try to take my daughter every year. It is a great place for the three of us to walk around, talk, and enjoy each other's company."


My husband and I had one of our first official dates at Zoo Lights. It was so exciting to fall in love at one of our favorite places—we even took our engagement photos in the photo booth!
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"(My daughter) now wants to be an 'animal doctor' and I attribute it to her days at the Zoo!"
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"(Denver Zoo) is a place we can go to forget the stresses in our lives, and enjoy family time together."
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"I had been fostering a former student of mine—he has hearing loss, and we started going to the Zoo together so he could practice the animal names he had been learning in sign language. I decided to adopt him permanently, and on the day that we became a legal family, we celebrated by going to Denver Zoo!"


"I keenly remember my childhood visits to Denver Zoo being an enchanting and special time shared with my mother."
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