125 love stories

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories about how you fell in love with and why you love Denver Zoo. While we’re no longer in our 125th celebration year, we want to keep these pages active for a bit more because your heartfelt memories deeply resonate with us. We will keep this site live through the end of 2022; however, we are no longer taking story submissions. I hope you enjoy viewing these stories through 2022.


"(Denver Zoo) is a place we can go to forget the stresses in our lives, and enjoy family time together."
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"I had been fostering a former student of mine—he has hearing loss, and we started going to the Zoo together so he could practice the animal names he had been learning in sign language. I decided to adopt him permanently, and on the day that we became a legal family, we celebrated by going to Denver Zoo!"


"I keenly remember my childhood visits to Denver Zoo being an enchanting and special time shared with my mother."
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"My husband proposed to me at Zoo Lights—a total surprise!"
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"My family attends Zoo Lights on Christmas Eve—a wonderful tradition that has spanned 25 years, a divorce, the incorporation of new significant others...and lots of cold nights! It has been a beautiful constant in our blended family. Thank you, Denver Zoo!"


"My first date with my husband was at Denver Zoo, in 1983. Now every year we see Zoo Lights with our children—and their children!"


"I wasn’t prepared for the animals. I fell in love!"
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“This picture is...proof of the wonder that wild animals inspire in people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, identities…everyone!”
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"I was able to take her to see Zoo Lights, and she had never seen such a magnificent sight—she cried at the beauty!"
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“To see our male Sumatran orangutan, Berani, become Mr. Mom to his daughter Cerah has truly filled my heart with love and comfort."
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"My mother, Nellie Philpott, is an Honorary Life Trustee at Denver Zoo. She has been an integral board member for over four decades and her work touched all phases of the Millennium Master Plan."
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“It all started with a Denver Zoo Field Conservation trip to Mongolia with my then-18-year-old son. Watching the research and the dedication that was involved, along with the impact of the Zoo's presence on so many levels, was eye-opening.”
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“I have the best job in the world caring for amazing animals. I can't think of anything else I would rather do with my life.”
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“The son was a bit nervous, but with prompting from dad, he held out the bag of pacifiers and asked, ‘Would you give these to the baby animals at the Zoo?’”
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"I loved taking my daughter and her friends to Denver Zoo—it’s fun to watch kids be kids...and be free!"


"I loved watching baby Dobby become fascinated with a workman taking down Zoo Lights decorations—the ladder put them at eye level."


“Denver Zoo has given me the opportunity to work with all kinds of animals and really get to live my passion. I have been challenged every day, with something new to learn—while creating a work family that I care deeply about.”
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"I was fascinated by animals as a young child—and as I grew older, I realized I wanted to work at my hometown zoo. 10 years, one biology degree and two zoos later, my dream came true.”
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"Denver Zoo is my favorite place to be. I wish the world were more like the Zoo: beautiful and harmonious."


“I would never have imagined when I joined the Denver Zoo as a docent over 20 years ago, that it would become such a life-altering experience. It has given me a deep appreciation for the vital role Denver Zoo plays in educating the public about wildlife, the protection of endangered species and the restoration of vanishing habitats.”
Lauren, Henry, and Audrey

Lauren, Henry + Audrey

My son and daughter have been busy collecting donations for the zoo, and raised nearly $1,000!
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“Denver Zoo has been such a huge part of my life—my family, friends and the animals that I work with."
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