Special Moments with Mom

I grew up in Colorado and attended college there, and I can only remember a few years in which I or my family did not have an annual pass. Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of flexible cash. Even so, we always made room for visits to Denver Zoo. I was a child during the days of Klondike and Snow—I even remember their specialty shampoo in our tub!

My mother used to work at a different zoo, as a keeper, and she made each of our visits special. She made sure that we took our time at each exhibit, observing the animals as much as we wanted to, reading from the plaques, and talking to the docents. To my surprise, I was actually able to thank one of these docents later on in my life, when I worked at a nursing home. She has been a volunteer docent with the Denver Zoo for decades, and that speaks miles in and of itself!

Anyway, I keenly remember my childhood visits to Denver Zoo being an enchanting and special time shared with my mother. This history with the Zoo influences me today. I have bounced from place to place since I left Colorado, and my husband and I make time for zoos everywhere we go. And when I visit my parents, my mom and I still make time for Denver Zoo. I even visited during COVID and must say, hats off to you for your efforts in opening amidst this pandemic. From the days of Klondike and Snow shampoo to 2019 Zoo Lights, thanks for being there for me, Denver Zoo.