Sharing the Wonders of Wildlife

In December of 2019, just few months after I started working at Denver Zoo, I booked a Zoo Lights Giraffe Encounter for my family. I thought it would be fun to surprise my in-laws, who were visiting from Delaware for the holidays, with the experience. I chose giraffes somewhat at random, having written about our charismatic little herd—but not having yet met them in person.

Evidently, giraffes have been my father-in-law’s favorite animal since childhood. I had no idea! He was SO EXCITED when he learned we’d be meeting Heshimu, Kipele and Dobby—and immediately started geeking out on obscure giraffe facts with our Denver Zoo Educator, Dawn. The herd was positively enchanting throughout our feeding session. While we all had a wonderful experience, I will never forget the childlike joy on Dr. Bill’s face.

This picture is living proof of the wonder that wild animals inspire in people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, identities…everyone! As a lifelong nature nerd and career storyteller, I feel so fortunate to have found my dream job. I am incredibly proud to be part of the Denver Zoo creative team, and to work among the dedicated individuals that make up our larger One Zoo Team. I don’t ever want to work anywhere else!