Growing Up With Denver Zoo

I have worked here 11 years. Denver Zoo was my childhood zoo, and I am so happy that I can work here now. My family has been members for most of my life, and I attended zoo camps as a young child. Coming to the zoo as a kid really created a love for animals and nature. My visits with my mom, dad, and siblings created a sense of family and community, for which I will always be thankful. 

Growing up and coming to the zoo, my favorite animal was always the elephant. I was in awe of their size and their social dynamics. I remember my first time working the Pachyderm section on my own. It was cool to see a dream come full circle, since I had visited that building many times as a young kid.  

Denver Zoo has been such a huge part of my life—my family, friends and the animals that I work with. I love what it has meant to the community and I am excited to see where we go next.