Living My Passion

I grew up coming to Denver Zoo, and always knew that I wanted to work here. The Zoo has given me the opportunity to work with all kinds of animals and really get to live my passion. My favorite individual is Rudy the black rhino. He is so laid back, and will do anything for a scratch. Rudy is a gentle soul who gives so much love to those who care for him.

My favorite memory is meeting my best friend on my first day of work, 19 years ago. She was a medical technologist who worked in the hospital. We just clicked, and became fast friends. She taught me almost everything I know about laboratory testing, and I was able to teach her about veterinary technology. We made a great team—working hard to provide excellent veterinary medicine while also creating a fun place to work!

I have also been able to contribute to conservation efforts through Denver Zoo, an opportunity I would not have had anywhere else. I have been challenged every day, with something new to learn—while creating a work family that I care deeply about.