Eye-Opening Impact

It all started with a Denver Zoo Field Conservation trip to Mongolia with my then-18-year-old son. Watching the research and the dedication that was involved, along with the impact of the Zoo’s presence on so many levels, was eye-opening.

It also impacted my son, who is now in school for conservation biology. I would say that the trip was life-changing for him. Over the years, I loved watching my son work at the Zoo as his passion for penguins grew. He ended up in South Africa working with penguins, because of his Denver Zoo experience and his relationship with Travis—who has become a lifelong mentor for him.

After Mongolia I, myself and another board member went to see Denver Zoo’s work in Botswana, which gave me even greater exposure to the hard work and dedication required by the scientists. Working in 100-degree heat, dealing with smelly dead carcasses, drawing blood from wild vultures, searching for elusive wild dogs—it was exhilarating, demanding and impressive work.

On the home front, I enjoy sharing the zoo with loved ones—from Zoo Lights, the Gala and other events to just walking around with my young great nieces and nephews.