Lauren, Henry, and Audrey

Lauren, Henry + Audrey

Teaching Kindness with Clay

My son Henry (8) and daughter Audrey (10) have been busy at work collecting donations for the zoo! Audrey had asked for tickets to the zoo for Christmas. Once she got tickets from Santa, she started checking out the website and noticed a request for donations. She and Henry devised a plan to use the clay they got for Christmas to create animals and other various items to sell for donations to the zoo.

They have been hard at work, creating animals they love as well as commissioned pieces. Audrey’s loves penguins, sloths, elephants and giraffes; Henry’s favorites are the penguins, gorillas, tigers and giraffes. They had a goal to raise $500, but have well surpassed that and are near $1,000! They are also asking for donations in lieu of birthday presents. Audrey’s goal in life is to be a veterinarian, and they both love all animals.