Painting for a Purpose

I often visit Denver Zoo to get inspired. As a local artist, I often take a sketch book and love to draw the animals. My favorite animal to draw is the silverback gorilla. I’ve always been fascinated with the curiosity the gorillas have when I visit with my sketchbook. I feel as if they pose for me. I love their immense size and power–it’s inspiring. Every time I see them at the zoo I have a completely different experience though their characters and curiosity.

Watching the lions being fed in the observation room is my favorite Denver Zoo memory. The sheer power, presence and the extraordinary noise/roar that came out of the lion. Truly a majestic, magnificent king!

With the pandemic and devastating toll it’s taking on our community. I felt compelled to help the zoo as it’s such a special place and inspired my work so much. I created four paintings of my favorite animals to auction off with the proceeds going to the zoo. It was a huge success and exceeded our fundraising goal. The bidders that bought the artwork are so thrilled so have the artwork and support such an important organization.