A Lifetime of Memories

As a kid growing up, we always got to go on a field trip to the Denver Zoo. It was always my favorite spring trip. As I grew up and had my own kids, it was just natural to take my kids to the Zoo.

My mom loved all of the animals, but her favorite were the penguins. I had the privilege of taking her to Denver Zoo shortly before her death, and of course we spent most of our time just enjoying those silly penguins. She wasn’t able to go into the bird house or the reptile house because of the humidity, but being outside was fine with her, as long as she had her penguin hat on!

Being with my mom at the Zoo, especially towards the end of her life, and being able to take my kids and my mom on the same trip was magical! I haven’t been back since she died, but I will always be reminded of the good times that we had there—Denver Zoo will always be one of my favorite places!