An Introduction to Conservation

The Denver Zoo inspired my love of conservation and encouraged me to do my part in protecting animals around the world. My love of Polar Bears started with Klondike and Snow; I saw them as a child and quickly became enamored with them and the species. My mother bought the family a season pass to visit the new cubs as often as possible. I have grown up fascinated with Polar Bears and committed to their conservation because of those tiny balls of fluff! Klondike and Snow ignited my fascination with Polar Bears and introduced me to the concept of conservation, and I have been determined to help the species ever since.

Working with the Zoo and their educational programs helped me become a more decisive leader and connect with so many people to share my passion for conservation. The AIP program is giving me the tools and connections necessary to really impact my community and be the voice for endangered and threatened species.

The Zoo had a monumental part in shaping who I am today, and I will be forever grateful that I got to learn and grow alongside the amazing animals that call Denver Zoo their home.