Predator Ridge Proposal

I’ve been to the Denver Zoo quite a few times since I was a child, but my most memorable visit was on August 22 of last year. It was insanely hot out, and my boyfriend planned a last-minute visit before a romantic dinner. It was about a week before we were moving, and I was excited to go to the Zoo before we left.

After following the marked paths, we took a short break in front of Benson Predator Ridge. It felt like a thousand degrees outside, so we were thankful for the shade and a place to sit for a minute. My boyfriend and I were the only ones there, and a staff member happened to be walking by. He asked if they would take our photo in front of the sleeping lions.

I turned back around to face the camera, and my boyfriend was on one knee! It was completely unexpected that he did it there, and in front of some big cats, which are some of my favorites! Denver Zoo will always hold a special place in my heart and in our family’s life. The staff member captured some great photos, even though he was just as surprised as I was. The lions were less than impressed—but that made the photos even funnier.